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Email Lists
To submit an entry for this page, email hail_isis@yahoo.com.
The Spiral of Isis
This discussion group for members of the Fellowship of Isis focuses on spirituality. Related topics can include mysticism, experiencing Isis and other goddesses, devotional practices, the FOI liturgies, meditations, dreams, rituals. etc.. Its purpose is to offer a forum for sharing of spiritual experienmces. It also hopes to provide guidance, encourage spiritual community within the Fellowship of Isis, offer support and encouragement, announce pertinent information, and foster spiritual, religious, and intuitive growth.
This is a list maintained by the Lyceum of Eleusis for purpose of announcing Lyceum and Fellowship Of Isis activities and events of interest to local FOI members. It is not a discussion list.
This is a moderated list for members of the Fellowship of Isis in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, members and initiates of the Lyceum of Eleusis, and friends. Its purpose is to provide information about our activities, and to encourage active participation.
This is a private email discussion list for people who have received a Fellowship of Isis ordination in any of the FOI societies. Its purpose is to encourage communication, education, mentoring, and support among all FOI clergy in a safe and private environment.
Welcome, Members of the Fellowship of Isis! This is a moderated list for discussing topics pertaining to the Fellowship of Isis,its Lyceums,Iseums,Noble Order of Tara and Druid Clan of Dana groups and activities. This list is for Fellowship of Isis Members only. If you seek membership into the Fellowship, please read the Manifesto at this link: http://www.fellowshipofisis.com/manifesto.html.  If you agree with the principles of the FOI Manifesto, you may join the Fellowship of Isis. Follow instructions at this link :http://www.fellowshipofisis.com/join.html
FOI_Q&A Forum
This forum is for members of the Fellowship of Isis to ask questions about all aspects of the FOI including: the College of Isis, the Spirals of the Adepti & Alchemy, the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Noble Order of Tara.  All questions will be answered by the moderators of this list, who are members of the Star of Isis-AU (an advisory board within the Fellowship of Isis). Only the moderators are allowed to answer list questions, while anyone may post a question to the list, as long as it is FOI-related. Occasional posts will also be sent about policy updates or other pertinent information regarding the Fellowship.  This list is for Fellowship of Isis members only please. For more information on the Fellowship of Isis, including how to join, please go to the FOI Homepage: http://www.fellowshipofisis.com
Circle of Isis
The Circle of Isis was created at the request of Lady Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis. It is an Advisory Board of the FOI, serving the Goddess Community under the aegis of the Temple of Isis in Geyserville, California. The Circle of Isis promotes the principles of the Manifesto of the FOI and provides guidance during this time of transformation and growth. The Circle of Isis Online Group is a forum where issues of interest to members of the Fellowship of Isis are presented. It is also a place to share ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Blessings of the Winged One, Isis -- She of 10,000 Names.
DCD Companions
"Companions of the Druid Clan of Dana live as if this were the Golden Age now!" So writes the Ardbandraoi Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Druid Clan of Dana, Fellowship of Isis.   This discussion list is for all Druid Clan of Dana members and Groves across the world. It is fully-moderated by the Grove Argentum/New York and the Sacred Grove of the Starry Desert/Tucson.   This list is for Fellowship of Isis members only, so please indicate this on the comments form when you request membership in this list. To enroll in the FOI, go here: Join the FOI
This list was founded in December of 1998 as an informal forum intended to promote networking and discussion between members of the Fellowship of Isis. This list is not an official list of the Fellowship of Isis, but was founded by members of the FOI for members of the FOI. The list is moderated by Rev. Don Lewis of the Iseum of Isis Lady of Lake Michigan, Chicago, and Rev. Laura Janesdaughter of the Temple of Isis Los Angeles.
Fellowship_of_Isis_Kansas City
For members of FOI (Fellowship of Isis) in Kansas City and nearby areas. Group is for FOI members interested in developing the FOI presence in this area. Discussion board includes general chat, but also can be used for meeting other nearby FOI members, making friends in FOI, exchanging info and news, checking people out, finding appropriate members for your Iseum or Lyceum, planning group events, etc.
(Note: FOI-KC is simply a chat group for local FOI members. Subscribing to the FOI-KC Message Board not make you a member of FOI, nor does it make you a member of any specific Iseum or Lyceum. To join FOI, please go to the main FOI website www.fellowshipofisis.com and join there.)
The Fellowship of Isis is an international organization that honors the Goddess in Her many forms. The beginning of each month, a different Goddess Oracle is shared from the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy, written by Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the FOI.  This list is managed by the Crossroads Lyceum and all Fellowship of Isis members are welcomed to join.
Living Earth Priory
This space has been created for members of the Living Earth Priory (Fellowship of Isis) to view posts and exchange earth healing rituals, ideas and concerns regarding environmental issues affecting their communities. Living Earth @ Yahoo as been created for members in the South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Temple of Isis
The Temple of Isis upholds Love, Healing, and Abundance for all. We strive to follow the divine plan of Isis, the Goddess of Nature by revering and protecting all of her creations. Like the Ancient Egyptians we are guided by the 42 Laws of Maat, in order to live a life of service, compassion and truth. Membership is open to all races, genders, and creeds.


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