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Members' Publications
  To have your publication listed, contact hail_isis@yahoo.com or (773) 684-9219.

Isis-Seshat Journal

 Isis-Seshat Journal is the Personal Post of the Fellowship of Isis.  Click here to learn more:


Sacred Places of Goddess

This book explores 108 travel destinations that are sacred to the goddess.  To learn more, click here:

Sacred Places of Goddess

Priestess of Avalon
To learn about a journey of transformation within the sacred landscape of glastonbury, 
Avalon, click here:

Priestess of Avalon

Magdalene's Garden
  A brand new harp CD release
Magdalene's Garden

Mirror of Isis
  A quarterly newslatter of the Circle of Isis
Mirror of Isis

Introduction to Qabalistic Magic

This book, written in Japanese, is about Qabalistic Tarot and its connection with the Fellowship of Isis.

Introduction to Qabalistic Magic

Stellar Magic
  Stellar Magic: A Practical Guide to the Rites of the Moon, Planets, Stars, and Constellations; Payam Nabarz;
Avalonia, London, England, UK. ©Payam Nabarz 2009.
ISBN 978-1-905297-25-2

Sounding the Sistrum: Rhythms & Rituals
  Sounding the Sistrum: Rhythms & Rituals; deTraci Regula; Isis-House Publishing, San Diego, CA. Copyright ©2010 by deTraci Regula. ISBN 9780981711805. Library of Congress Control Number 2009940551.

Singing the Soul Back Home
  Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Wisdom for every day; Caitlin Matthews; Connections Book Publishing Ltd., London. ©Text copyright © Caitlin Matthews 1995, 2002; This edition copyright ©Eddison Sadd Editions 2002. ISBN 1-85906-103-6.


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