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  Here are listed events of interest to FOI members and other followers of the Goddess.  Submit items to hail_isis@yahoo.com or (773) 684-9219

October 2008

Life Force Arts Center

"where art & spirit meet"

3148 N Lincoln Chicago IL 60657


www.lifeforcearts. org

Grand Opening Week Festival

Friday Oct. 17 - Friday Oct. 24 Please join us in celebration of Life Force Arts Center's Grand Opening! Our community space serves as a creative hub in Chicago for visual, literary and performing arts, spiritual development and healing. Become inspired. Make connections. Experience the positive energy. Each day of the Festival, enjoy a different offering of spiritually- based music, dance, visual art, theater, storytelling, poetry, jewelry and crafts. Experience FREE intuitive readings/energy work. Love donations accepted for all events - or better still, become a Member of Life Force Arts Center and receive a year of fantastic premiums, including discounts on performances and classes, a free healing session and gifts of appreciation. For information: please contact Joan at 312-642-1811 or mageworkshops@ yahoo.com

Friday Oct. 17 o 7 – 8 PM Nichiren Buddhist Dedication of Center for World Peace led by Joan Forest Mage. o 8 – 9 PM Shamanic Dedication of Center: welcoming the Archetypes of the Creative Community Medicine Wheel led by Joan Forest Mage. www.lifeofrcearts. org

Saturday Oct. 18 o 10 AM – 6 PM Come browse our Gift Shop featuring local artist's work! o 6 – 9 PM: Earth Spiritualists gathering, and Fellowship of Isis Dedication of Center with Lady Olivia Robertson www.foichicago. org

Sunday Oct. 19 o 10 AM – 3 PM Come browse our Gift Shop featuring local artist's work!

Monday Oct. 20 o 5 – 7 p.m.: FREE Tarot readings with Deanne Lozano. A highly gifted spiritual healer, Deanne uses this gift of channeling to help people find their path and heal themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. May we all find serenity within and learn to be love and light for one another and lead to the transformation of ourselves. www.deannemlozano. com o 7 PM William "Conquering Bear" Buhholtz, Native American flute presentation o 8:30 PM: Life Force Ensemble band (Joan Forest Mage, James Cornolo, Barry Bennett) magical shamanic music for listening and dancing "I literally feel energy move when I listen to this band. They have the mojo!" www.lifeforcearts. org/Pages/ CD.html

Tuesday Oct. 21 o 6 – 9:30 FREE intuitive readings with Tonita. Tonita has been doing tarot readings since the age of 13. She speaks fluent Spanish and works with the ancient religion of Puerto Rico combining the Youruba Deities with the Catholic Saints. Her soft energy is soothing to people and her command of Spiritualism is warrior-like in Nature. o 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.: Tutone Naranjo, (poet) reading her work "Life as a City Girl Introspective." o 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.: Deborah Kelly, shamanic visual art power objects. o 8:30 - 9 p.m.: Louise Cloutier "Voices in my Head" (voice healer, singer and composer)Call it the the Muse, call it dreams, call it ecstasy, call it stroke of lightning or the hand of fate. "Voices in my Head" is a theater-vocal performance, that explores the creative process as mystical and shamanic experience. www.voiceborne. com

Wednesday Oct. 22 o 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.: Cat Clausen (painter) "I follow my intuition and paint from my heart. Delving into the psyches and life stories of others as well as my own, art offers me the chance to love world wide." www.cat-fine- art.com o 7:30 - 8 p.m.: MaryAnn Rosberg (poetry reading) "Words do create from the internal world tangibles in the external world. The ancients knew this; it's time we remembered and re-experienced the process." o 8 p.m.: Free Tarot readings with Jennifer Vera o 8 - 9 p.m.: Mark Kater, (storytelling) Mark's adult themed storytelling session tonight will be a personal look at the power of story as a tool for healing and way to celebrate life with family and community. Mark is the resident storyteller at Chicago's popular North Park Village Nature Center. He tells stories exploring his Cherokee Indian heritage. He has programs for children and adults. His programs include original stories and retellings of myths, animal, nature, and folk tales from around the world.www.harmonyyogacent er.com

Thursday Oct. 23 o 7 - 8 p.m.: Demetria Nanos , crystal jewelry o 8 - 9 p.m. Gina Laverde, literary artist, on how raw foods are helping her son recover from autism www.healartfully. com

Friday Oct. 24 o 6:30 p.m.: Ursula Rose (art historian)"Ancient Art of the Goddess": the Goddess Isis in the art of Egypt and Greece 7:30 p.m.: Kenny Mazurksy, Gong Bath. Discover deep, peaceful and expansive meditative states as waves of brilliant, transformational sound from a Giant Earth Gong detoxify and rebalance the body and restore your entire being to a place of greater natural harmony. www.kennymazurksy. com 312-642-1811 www.lifeforcearts. org www.eagleheartdanci ng.blogspot. com to join as a Member: http://lifeforceart s.org/Pages/ Membership. html

  December 11, 2013 Hello! We have just reactivated this website and a few others that were formerly administered by the late Rt. Rev. Deena C. Butta. Deena passed away January 27, 2013. There are many updates to be done here, and they will be coming soon. Explore different pages here, and if there is anything that you would like to have listed or added, please correspond with me at: hail_isis@yahoo.com. Thank you for your interest. Many Blessings of Isis to You!


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